The Club
Director: Zeynep Günay Tan

The Club

In cosmopolitan 1950's Istanbul... Matilda, an ex-convict, works in one of the most prominent nightclubs in the city. Matilda's daughter Raşel never knew her estranged mother until her release from prison. Trying to reconnect with her daughter, Matilda struggles to keep Raşel away from the neighborhood's troublemaker, Peachy İsmet. Matilda also tries to stand against the egos of her boss Orhan, the nightclub manager Çelebi, and the club's singer Selim. The moment Matilda steps foot in the club, she brings soul and passion in her wake. Slowly, the club, once hell on earth for its employees, becomes a home.


Saner Ayar
Ayşe Durmaz


Zeynep Günay Tan

Seren Yüce


Necati Şahin

Rana Denizer

Serkan Yörük

Ayşin Akbulut

Bengü Üçüncü


Gökçe Bahadır

Barış Arduç

Asude Kalebek

Salih Bademc

Fırat Tanış

Metin Akdülger



The Club